Daniella Levitt was interviewed live on the radio about taking risks, and about her book Ready, Set…RISK! – Positive Strategies and Tactics for Women to Turn Career Risk into Opportunity, on AM 560 The Answer (WIND), during the show “Get Down to Business with Shalom Klein”.

Click here, and listen to the segment which runs from 1:20 to 10:15, during which Daniella talks about what inspired her to write the book, some of her own risk-milestones in her life and career, and some of the gender differences in risk taking. She provides a peek into two of the many strategies and tactics she covers in the book as she explains the concept of “Start Somewhere, Start Now”, encourages starting early on in life with your risk taking, and stresses the importance of risking with your strengths as your anchor. She also provides a preview of what she’ll be working on next as she drives conversation and action with individuals and organizations around getting more women to take calculated risks in their careers more frequently.