gen-xyb™ High TeaWhat People Are Saying

“I have known Daniella to be an excellent communicator and she knows how to bring the best out of people. When she told me about the gen-xyb High Tea program, I immediately knew that this would assist me, my company and the staff involved.

In a short time, I have seen my one candidate – a competent, yet shy individual – grow into a more confident woman, who is not afraid to take a chance and recognize her value in my organization. As someone that I believe is a manager of the future for my company, this is an excellent investment to my succession strategy.

My other candidate was more level headed and confident in her ability, but had an issue with dealing with confrontation; she now understands as a Manager in the business, she has the right to ask questions and the ability to do so, without confrontation being an issue. This has led to clarity when managing staff and clients, leading to an increase in our customer service, both internally and externally.

Both of the candidates are thoroughly enjoying the program, meeting other women in business, growing in their networking skills, communication skills and indeed building their own confidence to take on the difficulties in business and in life. I am sure they would join me in congratulating Daniella on a superb program that gives results!”

Sue Duckett

Managing Director

Bibby Financial Services (Midwest), Inc.

SpeakingWhat People Are Saying

“It was a pleasure working with Daniella. She partnered with us early on to develop material that would compliment our theme. Throughout our work together, Daniella passionately strived to deliver high quality content and meaningful takeaways for our participants.”

Kimberly P. Thekan, Stephanie Warren & Kristin Wrobbel

Director Talent Acquisition and Integration; Chief Operating Officer – Fixed Income Capital Markets; Event Planner


“From the moment we met Daniella at a chance breakfast meeting, we were inspired by her seemingly limitless enthusiasm and dedication to the advancement of women in the workplace. It was a very easy decision to engage her as a keynote speaker at one of our office’s events supporting our firm’s women’s initiative. Her presentation focused on how to be intentional and “write our own story” as we advance in our careers. The presentation was captivating and we think the underlying messages resonated with participants. We would love to have her back someday!”

Paula Hamric & Kim Capizzi

Senior Manager, National SEC Department & Manager, Tax Services


“Daniella Levitt was a panelist at the second annual Symposium for AWESOME (Achieving Women’s Excellence in Supply Chain Operations, Management, and Education), a women’s leadership initiative I launched in 2013. Daniella was an engaging, dynamic speaker in the session, “Powering Up the Pipeline,” during which companies who are leading the way in developing the next generation of leaders presented their innovative programs and discussed what they’ve learned and achieved. In post-Symposium feedback, one participant called out Daniella’s gen-xyb High Tea concept as the program for developing women leaders she thought most effective and said she would like to implement gen-xyb High Tea at her own company.”

Ann Drake

CEO, DSC Logistics and Founder


CoachingWhat People Are Saying

“As a recent college graduate entering the workforce in a new city, I found myself lucky enough to be introduced to a mentor, connector, and true coach in Daniella Levitt. Daniella is an enthusiastic listener and trusting advisor, and she has proven to be an incredibly valued sounding board. In my most difficult, uncharted challenges, she shares wisdom, thoughtful critique, and actionable pieces of advice upon which I will continue to grow and excel, both professionally and personally.”

Katie Zupancic

Marketing Coordinator

Event 360, Inc.

“When I met Daniella in February 2014 I knew I had met a special person. After getting to know Daniella we both began to share our life and career triumphs, opportunities, and transitions. I was interviewing for a high-profile position internally that required several interviews and a bit of professional coaching. I immediately reached out to Daniella. Daniella coached me in a way I did not know existed. She used words and phrases that I incorporated in my interview and I know her mentorship positively impacted my interview experience. I thank Daniella for her continued mentorship, and for the development opportunities she has provided me to date.”

Erin N. Duffy

Area Vice President

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

PersonalWhat People Are Saying

“Daniella Levitt is a highly accomplished professional, proven leader, and innovative thinker, approaching issues of institutional and personal change with true insight and inspiration. As a facilitator, she has a remarkable ability to help diverse constituencies find shared values, common ground, and develop joint goals. Enthusiastic, friendly, positive, and highly energetic, Daniella approaches work and life with a gentle humor and sensitivity to all points of view. That said, she’s also a tough but fair coach, encouraging best efforts and continuing improvement – a female version of Vince Lombardi.”

Rene Friedman

Global Head of Legal and Compliance

INTL FCStone, Inc.

“I first worked with Daniella twelve years ago…In the last ten-plus years of my career and in particular the last two and a half years there might be one person of a higher caliber than Daniella that I’ve worked with but I would be at a loss right now to guess who that would be. She is that talented, persistent and hard working. She also doesn’t bring her ego into the picture in terms of getting the work done; she truly doesn’t care who gets the credit. She’s also completely unafraid to challenge prevailing opinion on a subject if she believes the facts do not support the prevailing opinion. Daniella is never afraid to ask basic questions that others shrink from asking because they either willfully wish to remain ignorant or they fear exposing their lack of knowledge. She also has very astute business judgment and her common sense is rarely off the mark. I would recommend Daniella as a terrific resource.”

Mark T. Clifford

Vice President

Chase Mortgage Banking

“Daniella is the consummate professional; highly organized, very detail oriented, excellent at follow up. Her skills at managing a project are unparalleled. She has an unbelievable ability to keep people on task. She does all of this with a sense of enthusiasm and grace; she is truly a breath of fresh air. Those that are lucky enough to cross her path, are lucky indeed.”

Laura Torphy

Chief Compliance Officer

INTL Hanley, LLC.

“…Without question, Daniella is among the best consultants I have had the opportunity to work with in my 35 year professional career. Her approach from the very beginning was to immediately work proactively with the client to understand the organizations objectives and goals. She listened carefully to the customers concerns, challenges and strategic objectives and added substantive guidance to the team within a very short period of time. She was required to work with a very diverse group of shareholders at all levels in the organization, and demonstrated an amazing ability to assure understanding and clarity of facilitation and communication skills. She has an amazing ability to process and analyze an enormous amount of data and extract key themes. She holds herself to a high level of integrity, and is extremely flexible and creative. Daniella has the most remarkable can do attitude, which makes working with her an absolute delight. Even under the most challenging, stressful situations, I could always count on her to find the solution and delight the client. Her interpersonal skills are outstanding. Daniella has dropped by on a few occasions to say hello and is always greeted by members of the IT team warmly, which in my opinion, tells a lot about her character, personality and respect she has earned as a result of the outstanding work and counsel she provided. It is without question that I highly recommend her to any corporation…”

Robert J. Wery

Director Human Resources (now retired), Corporate

One of the world's largest global airlines