Just The Beginning

January 14, 2017

Here we are, just 14 days into 2017, and it has been an absolutely wonderful year so far. In addition to some extremely exciting and unexpected things springing up on the professional front, every year in January I launch a new cohort of my gen-xyb™ program. This inter-generational leadership development program I run for women enables them to spend dedicated time over the course of the year advancing their leadership skills, gaining exposure to thought leadership, frameworks, tools and techniques they can leverage to great effect as leaders in the workplace, and building new relationships across multiple industries to both […]

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Welcome to the kickoff of the 2016 gen-xyb High Tea program

February 7, 2016

On Wednesday January 15th, 20 amazing women gathered together for the kickoff of the 2016 gen-xyb High Tea program. These women, from corporations including Northern Trust, HCSC (BlueCross BlueShield Illinois), CDW, Citi Retail Services, The Warranty Group, Chicago Sinfonietta, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, and Ingredion, are participating in this year-long cross-generational development program. At the kickoff, the women had the opportunity to start to get to know one another, and to express some of their hopes and expectations for the year ahead. As the group exchanged perspectives on topics that will be covered in sessions during the course of the […]

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The Chicago Sinfonietta – Taking Risks and Pushing the Envelope with Regards to Diversity and Inclusion

October 29, 2015

On a local note, in the city I call home – Chicago – On October 3rd I attended the season opening concert of the Chicago Sinfonietta. The Chicago Sinfonietta gathers diverse sounds and talents from all over the world to redefine what you expect from an orchestra. At every performance they push the envelope, they take big risks, to create completely innovative experiences that you can hear, feel and see. They are focused on building cultural connections through music, and they take diversity and inclusion to a whole new level in all aspects of what they do. This season’s opening concert […]

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Women Risking in Food and Arts in New York City

October 18, 2015

On a recent trip to New York, my husband and I were planning which restaurant to make reservations at for our Saturday night dinner. Our original plan had been to really treat ourselves big time and go to one of the big names such as Per Se. However, as we browsed through reviews and ratings of a whole slew of restaurants, one in particular caught our eye. Chef Anita Lo’s restaurant, Annisa. Chef Lo had been on one of the Top Chef seasons, and had always been intriguing. So we tossed out big name and traded it for intriguing. Our […]

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Live radio interview with Daniella Levitt about taking risks, and about her book "Ready, Set...RISK!"

June 29, 2015

Oh my goodness, I had such a great time last night when I was interviewed live on the radio about taking risks, and about my book Ready, Set…RISK! – Positive Strategies and Tactics for Women to Turn Career Risk into Opportunity, on AM 560 The Answer (WIND), during the show “Get Down to Business with Shalom Klein”. Click on the link, and listen to the segment which runs from 1:20 to 10:15, during which I talk about what inspired me to write the book, some of my own risk-milestones in my life and career, and some of the gender differences in […]

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Press Release about "Ready, Set...RISK!"

June 14, 2015

I am excited to share the press release that came out last week about my book “Ready, Set…RISK!” – Positive Strategies and Tactics for Women to Turn Career Risk into Opportunity. Please click on the following link to access the press release: The book is available on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites.  

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gen-xyb™ High Tea – Our First Annual Alumni Event

June 5, 2015

On May 13, 2015 we celebrated our first Annual Alumni event for the gen-xyb™ High Tea program. I designed the program and launched it in 2014. This program for development and advancement of women in the workplace stands apart due to its unique focus on cross-generational collaboration. This wonderful year-long program brings together women in cross-generational pairs to gain valuable perspectives and insights into generations other than their own; and provides a platform to use those insights with great effect to collaborate together on their professional development and career advancement. Building on a first year of great success, the program […]

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My book "Ready, Set…RISK!" has been published

May 19, 2015

I am delighted to share with all of you that my book “Ready, Set…RISK!” about women and risk taking in the context of their careers is now published and available for purchase on Amazon ( and Barnes and Noble ( websites. Ready, Set…RISK! is about positive strategies and tactics for women to turn career risk into opportunity. The past year of my life has been incredibly exciting as I wrote the book on – in the scheme of things – an extremely accelerated timeline. I have a number of books I plan to write, but this was most certainly the […]

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Being A Visionary Leader

March 19, 2015

We hear again and again about how the ability to craft, communicate and engage people in a shared vision are key traits of successful leaders. Your ability to craft, communicate and engage others in a vision contributes to your leader identity. The better you are at this skill – no matter the application – the stronger the support base you will be able to build around you as you lead; and the more you will be able to shift perceptions that others have of you away from excelling solely in the doing/execution category to also excelling in the visioning arena. […]

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Toasting the women in the 2015 gen-xyb™ High Tea program

January 23, 2015

Last week we kicked off the 2015 gen-xyb™ High Tea program. An incredible group of women convened at Northern Trust’s Global Conference Center to mark the beginning of what is going to be a year of leadership development, discovery and advancement together. The program has grown over fifty percent in size from last year – indicative of the value that companies are seeing in the program. This year the group of participating women come from Northern Trust, BlueCross BlueShield Illinois, Citi Retail Services, BDO, A.T. Kearney, Slalom Consulting, CDW, BP, Arthur. J Gallagher & Co., centro, and The Warranty Group. […]

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