Event Description

This day-and-a-half long event is organized by a committee from Robert W. Baird’s Women’s Associate Resource Group (WARG), and invites the members of that group (both men and women) to attend this event to aid in their self-development and career progression. Over 400 people attended the event.

Daniella presented the opening address, a breakout workshop, and the closing address.

Opening Address: Your Story…Own It!

Everyone has a great story, including you! Now is the time to own it and put it to work. Whether you are transitioning between roles, building your book of business or setting your next career objectives, the ability to take ownership of your story makes a marked difference in how effectively you achieve your desired outcomes. Attendees left the opening session understanding why owning their own story and taking a strategic approach to managing their career at Baird is the foundation for their success. In advance of the session, Daniella encouraged participants to think about what items would represent their preface, early chapters and next chapters in their life and career at Baird. They were able to bring this to life during the opening session.

Breakout Session: Turning Risk Into Opportunity (TRIO)

Are you risk averse? Has there ever been a professional opportunity you chose not to pursue because you were concerned about the risk associated with it? In this breakout session, Daniella used her TRIO framework to have the conversation around taking risks in your career. Using examples from the past, and an illustrative example of an opportunity that lies ahead, participants started to apply elements of the framework to make it real and applicable for themselves. Some of the tools covered included exploring the myth of zero risk through the use of risk-opportunity continuums and grids, identifying your burning platform, deconstructing risk barriers, reframing your perspective on risk versus opportunity and getting started now!

Closing Session: Your Next Chapters

Daniella looked at how people’s perspective and inspiration to move forward and upward at Baird was impacted by what they experienced and learned during the annual event. She brought the participants full circle as she shared stories of people both known and unknown to them. The stories she shared illustrated how leadership is everywhere and in all of us, and how participants in symposium were able to move the needle regarding taking ownership of their stories as they start to write their next chapters.