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Chicago SHRM is the largest Chicago Chapter of the internationally recognized HR organization, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), with over 1,000 members. This year’s annual full day conference theme is ‘Lifecycle of an Employee: Making an Impact Every Step Along The Way.’ Daniella is one of the keynote speakers, speaking on the topic ‘Ready, Set…RISK! Developing Your Talent by Creating a Culture of Calculated Risk-Taking’.

Ready, Set…RISK! Developing Your Talent by Creating a Culture of Calculated Risk-Taking

Is your organization’s culture risk averse? Have you lost talented employees because you were unable to provide them with excitement and challenges that advance them as leaders and keep them directly engaged in the future of the organization? This session explores how developing a culture of calculated risk-taking around talent management and development in your organization can transform how you develop talent at all levels.

We will look at key components that make up developing a culture of calculated risk-taking, including:

  • Embracing success and failure and developing a culture where it’s OK to fail
  • Establishing support structures that go beyond mentoring into the realm of sponsors
  • Creating cross-generational collaboration opportunities that enable employees to take risks together and enrich and sustain individual and organization success
  • Participants will leave this session with the ability to:
  • Build a strong culture that facilitates bi-directional transfer of assets – knowledge, insight, expertise and experience
  • Drive innovation through exposure to different ideas
  • Develop and cultivate careers at multiple levels as employees aid each other in advancement strategies
  • Increase retention by providing stretch opportunities that keep employees learning and growing

You have to be willing to take risks in order to achieve transformational change. With a fresh and inspiring perspective that comes from growing up in South Africa and taking risks throughout her own professional career, Daniella Levitt will share valuable insights and strategies to help individuals and organizations maximize the potential of their talent.

Join Daniella so that you too can go back to your organizations to be ‘Ready, Set…RISK!’

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