Event Description

The Coalition of Women’s Initiatives in Law is a non-profit membership association bringing together women’s initiatives in law firms and companies of all sizes across the Chicago area. Their goal is to promote a dialogue and support network among women in these programs, to further their career advancement and professional development, and to help fuel the continued growth of women’s initiatives. The Coalition provides relevant and informative programming related to issues facing women lawyers and women’s initiatives in law firms and companies. The In-House to Power-House Professional Development Series is directed to the in-house counsel members of the Coalition.

In this session, the sixth and final session of the 2015 In-House to Power-House Professional Development Series, Daniella Levitt will culminate the series by leading the attendees through a highly engaging and interactive session on how to successfully take the risks necessary to go to the next level in their careers. During the two hour program, Daniella will share information from her book Ready, Set…RISK!’ – Positive Strategies and Tactics for Women to Turn Career Risk into Opportunity. She will also facilitate the attendees through kick-starter exercises on mapping themselves on to risk-taking continuums, how to begin their risk taking, and monitoring and managing gender-nuanced challenge points when taking career risk.

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