Event Description

Professional Dimensions is a membership organization in Milwaukee that promotes the professional and personal growth of women through social and business exchange and through community participation. Their progressive dinner events provide an opportunity to connect and engage over a dinner program. The April 23rd program featured Daniella as the speaker.

Turning Risk Into Opportunity – TRIO

Are you risk averse? Has there ever been a professional opportunity you chose not to pursue because you were concerned about the risk associated with it? If so, you’re not alone! Risk is one of the toughest hurdles to deal with when continuing to move forward and upward in your professional career. The perception of risk differs from person to person and depends on situational factors and timeframe. Understanding what risk means to you and determining how you are going to actively manage that risk is a key differentiator in how you take advantage of opportunities that present themselves in your career, and in how you develop your own unique identity as a leader.

In this session, we used the Turning Risk Into Opportunity framework to have the conversation around taking risks in your career. We ran through a quick overview of the overall framework to set context, and then we took a deeper look at two topics that fall within the first two sections of the framework: 1.) envisioning as a critical skill for leader effectiveness, and 2.) leveraging failure as a learning strategy – ‘intelligent failure’. We saw how both of these are important in aiding you in turning risk into opportunities in your career.