Event Description

The Turnaround Management Association (www.turnaround.org) is the only international non-profit association dedicated to corporate renewal and turnaround management. Its international headquarters is in Chicago. TMA members are a professional community of turnaround and corporate turnarounds renewal professionals. Quarterly luncheons provide an opportunity to encourage women to share their experiences in a friendly and supportive environment. Daniella Levitt was the keynote speaker for this event.
Keynote Speaker: ‘Closing the Confidence Gap’
If you ask most people what the greatest reward was in their life, many will say it came from taking their biggest risk. The challenge for most women is that we approach decision making and risk differently than men do. We have a different propensity and appetite for risk than men — in general we take fewer risks than men do. We sometimes lack confidence or question ourselves in ways that hold us back. This impacts us on both a personal and professional level. We need to change this. We need to learn to take more calculated risks in our careers.
Daniella presented a keynote address on this topic. She then facilitated small group discussions with female restructuring professionals, corporate leaders and lenders about the differences between the self-confidence portrayed by men versus women in a professional setting and the challenges that these differences may present in our daily working life.