Event Description

Zurich North America is holding their first WIN Leadership Summit.

Daniella Levitt will be presenting the closing keynote address, Ready, Set…RISK! In this capstone keynote Daniella Levitt will explore why risk taking is an essential part of any woman’s career management and advancement strategy. Daniella will provide attendees with rapid and early momentum on their risk-taking journey. She will enable them to identify where they stand on their career risk-taking continuums, empower them to strategically shift and control their position on the continuums, and show them how to increase the extent and success of their calculated risk taking during the course of their careers. She will illustrate how preparation and execution components of their risk taking influence how they are viewed as a risk taker and the extent to which they will be presented with future career opportunities. She will also provide perspective on how leaders in organizations that are in a position of influence can better support women taking calculated career risks.