Welcome to gen-xyb Coaching Trees:

A cross-generational group-based coaching and mentoring construct. It enables a group of individuals to tackle opportunities and challenges through shared learning that balances experience, knowledge, reflection and action.

How gen-xyb Coaching Trees Work

  • An organization identifies a group of employees whose professional development will accelerate through participation in a group-based coaching or mentoring process; or a group of individuals self-identify that they wish to go through a group-based coaching process in order to accelerate their professional development.
  • Utilizes a combination of group-based sessions and individual sessions to obtain an appropriate balance between group and individual strategy and goals; and to realize the benefits of group interaction, support and efficiency, whilst still acknowledging the need for individual interaction.
  • A facilitated process. The facilitator works with the individuals, group and organization to agree on goals for the individuals and group; design the specific process for the group; facilitate all group and individual sessions; be available for support between sessions; and debrief with key stakeholders at pre-defined points during the process.
  • The process involves the core participants, one or more mentors and sponsors, and a small cohort of session guests identified by the participants and sponsors where appropriate.
  • Incorporates cross-generational dialog to enable participants to benefit from the perspectives, experience and knowledge that the Baby Boomers, Gen X’s and Millennials all offer; create bi-directional learning opportunities; foster innovation and collaboration across the generations.
  • A journaling component enables each participant to connect the dots of their experience by linking together their observations and insights about themselves, their colleagues, and their work environment; and enables the participant to take charge of his/her own development by promoting self-awareness, accountability, and adaptability.

Benefits Of gen-xyb Coaching Trees

  1. Maximize limited time of senior resources by leveraging their time to a group of high potentials instead of to only one person.
  2. Build and accelerate learning capacity and capabilities of the individuals and the group as a whole by providing exposure to multiple perspectives.
  3. Develop leadership and management capability and inspire creativity.
  4. Encourage peer consultation, develop trust and collaboration.
  5. Drive individual accountability for learning and professional development and optimize goal accomplishment at the personal, group and organization level.
  6. Provide a forum for participants to know they are not alone in the challenges they face.
  7. Gain motivation and support from multiple directions: the group, the mentors and sponsor(s) (where applicable), and the coach.
  8. Develop emotional intelligence, enhance proficiency in interpersonal support skills, and enhance personal flexibility and adaptability.
  9. The coach holds the facilitation role for the duration of the group coaching or mentoring commitment. However, over time, as participants deal with their challenges, they adapt the facilitation skills and responsibilities so that in the end, they own their own continuous improvement and development process.
  10. Drive coaching costs down and increase affordability.

Illustrative Process For gen-xybCoaching Trees

  • Identify participants, mentors and sponsor(s) (where applicable).
  • Inform participants. Engage mentors and sponsor(s) (where applicable).
  • Conduct one-on-ones with participants.
  • Conduct kickoff session with Coaching Tree group. Agree on individual and group goals, set group norms, set specific logistics.
  • Conduct working sessions with Coaching Tree group.
  • At end of program conduct one-on-ones with participants.

Baseline gen-xybCoaching Trees Package Includes

  • Two one-on-ones with each participant – one at the beginning of the program and one at the end of the program.
  • Seven group sessions. If the group collectively agrees, multiple sessions can be combined to create fewer (no less than four), but longer group sessions.
  • Halfway through the program, checkpoints are conducted with each participant.
  • Unlimited email contact with the coach for the duration of the program.
  • To increase the voices and perspectives at each session, participants are encouraged to identify one person they would each like to involve in one session during the course of the program. Identified guests must contribute directly to the stated individual and group goals. Facilitator and the group must agree to the identified individual prior to them being invited to a session.

Items For Consideration With gen-xyb Coaching Trees

  • Target audience: An organization that wishes to take a cohort of individuals through a group based coaching/mentoring process; OR a group of individuals that self-identify they wish to go through a group based coaching process together. In the case of individuals, they can work for the same organization; or they can be friends and peers that work for different organizations.
  • Groups can be multi-gender or gender specific.
  • Recommend no more than two levels separate participants. No managers should be a participant in a Coaching Tree that also includes any of their direct reports.
  • If an organization also wishes to involve managers of participants in the process – for example via debrief and feedback sessions – this can be accommodated at an additional charge.
  • Recommend setting aside some additional budget for the group to utilize for purposes of securing outside venues, food and beverage for some of the sessions. Allow for some fun!

What People Are Saying

  • "As a recent college graduate entering the workforce in a new city, I found myself lucky enough to be introduced to a mentor, connector, and true coach in Daniella Levitt. Daniella is an enthusiastic listener and trusting advisor, and she has proven to be an incredibly valued sounding board. In my most difficult, uncharted challenges, she shares wisdom, thoughtful critique, and actionable pieces of advice upon which I will continue to grow and excel, both professionally and personally."

    Katie Zupancic
    Marketing Coordinator, Event 360, Inc.
  • "When I met Daniella in February 2014 I knew I had met a special person. After getting to know Daniella we both began to share our life and career triumphs, opportunities, and transitions. I was interviewing for a high-profile position internally that required several interviews and a bit of professional coaching. I immediately reached out to Daniella. Daniella coached me in a way I did not know existed. She used words and phrases that I incorporated in my interview and I know her mentorship positively impacted my interview experience. I thank Daniella for her continued mentorship, and for the development opportunities she has provided me to date."

    Erin N. Duffy
    Area Vice President, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.