My mind

Is quiet tonight

My voice is silent

My ears hear the cries

My heart is where my emotion

Sits and beats out rhythms of loss

For the end of an era of transformation

Led with a vision of unity, truth and reconciliation

Many said it couldn’t be done, you proved them wrong.



South Africa

Is and always

Will be my first

26 years of my life

A huge part of who I

Always will be, inspired by the power

Of transformational change and how it impacts others

Your passion racial equality – my passion equality for women

In the workplace. Your determination and commitment guides me forward.



We feel

Lost without you

The generations that learnt,

Grew and became better people

With You, now we must establish

Our path forward, as we aspire that

Even a small part of us might possibly

Be as great as you were – your mind, heart,

Body, spirit, soul…I wish you rest eternally in peace.

  • Cindi Elstien

    What a heart warming statement that you make! I can feel the incredible richness that you found from Mandela in your early years in your life in South Africa. Well said, my friend,

    Warm regards,
    Cindi Elstien

  • Ifaat

    That’s beautiful Daniella.

  • zelda

    Thought and memory,commitment and promise

  • Rachel Ezell

    He was truely an inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

  • B. Anderson

    … left with people like you who so embody his passion in your heart, we are left in good hands… keep dreaming and reaching!

  • Nimita

    What a sincere statement. Well said.

  • Sherry McFall

    Daniella – I am sure a difficult time for you as so lovingly expressed in your tribute. A truly amazing human being in Nelson Mandela. I can truly say the visit to the prison outside of Cape Town was a highlight of the recent trip we made to South Africa.

  • corbette

    What a powerful testament to an amazing leader. Thank you, Daniella.
    I watched the Anderson Cooper special last night and was, once again, in awe of who he was, what he sacrificed, and what he accomplished.

  • Morrow

    That is beautiful Daniella! A wonderful expression of admiration and respect for a person who did so much for his country and the world. And as you stated, our best legacy to him – and others in the struggle – would be to carry even a small amount of his strength forward and treat others with respect, as equals.

    Love You!………………..Morrow

  • linda

    I love the simplicity of your tribute .. I share your pain, thoughts and hopes … here’s to all of us honoring a part of Madiba’s legacy in our future transformation…Linda