My book "Ready, Set…RISK!" has been published

My book

I am delighted to share with all of you that my book “Ready, Set…RISK!” about women and risk taking in the context of their careers is now published and available for purchase on Amazon ( and Barnes and Noble ( websites. Ready, Set…RISK! is about positive strategies and tactics for women to turn career risk into opportunity. The past year of my life has been incredibly exciting as I wrote the book on – in the scheme of things – an extremely accelerated timeline.


I have a number of books I plan to write, but this was most certainly the first one I wanted to write. I wrote a very detailed proposal for my book December 2013 through February 2014. My agent shopped the proposal around to various publishers, and I was signed by a publisher in May of 2014. I started doing detailed writing preparation over the summer, did all the interviews for the book late summer and fall of 2014, and then devoted most of my time from there on out to writing the manuscript, getting it totally done by the beginning of March. The next two months were a series of proof reading and editing cycles with my publisher, his proofreader and editor, finalizing the front and back cover, and then lo and behold at the beginning of May it was all done. My book was published! Almost exactly one year to the day from when I received the signed contract from the publisher, I launched the book. This past Friday May 15, 2015, I was the keynote speaker at the Legacy Project conference ( – an initiative and conference focused on advancing women in local government. As I presented my keynote address and breakout session and saw and felt how well they were received, as I sensed the energy and excitement that Ready, Set…RISK! sparked in the room, and as all these amazing women stood in long lines waiting to speak with me and have me sign their books, it gave me such joy to know that most certainly this topic of women and risk taking in the context of their professional careers hits home with all of us.


The synopsis on the back cover of the book reads, “In general, women approach career-related decisions that entail risk differently than men do, and take fewer risks in their careers than men do. Are you the type of person who regularly takes career risks but is disappointed with returns, or someone who does not take career risks because you are concerned about the consequences? Do you only have an appetite for limited risk so need every career risk to count, or are you a serial career risk taker who wishes to set new highs in your risk-taking returns as you progress in your career? In this book Daniella Levitt explores why risk taking is an essential part of any woman’s career management and advancement strategy. Ready, Set…RISK! is the indispensable ‘how to’ of successful risk taking in your career.”

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Commendations were received from a wonderful array of senior executives who read advance copies of the book.

“Ready, Set…Risk! will leave you embracing professional risk taking as an energizing road to realizing your professional and personal potential!”

—Catherine Moy, Chief People Officer, BDO USA, LLP

“Levitt probes the challenges that are unique to women as they face decisions in their lives, and provides warm insights and encouraging anecdotes to help guide us through those decisions.”

—Kathryn Hayley, Former CEO, Aon Consulting Worldwide

“Daniella offers important insight and suggestions on the very important element of risk taking.”

 —Wayne Berson, CEO, BDO USA, LLP

 “Ready, Set…Risk! raises a number of important issues for both women striving to make the most of their careers, and for organizations like ours, that want to attract and retain female talent.”

 —Trisha Conley, Head of Talent & Resourcing, Downstream, BP

 “Daniella has compiled a diverse and distinct set of experiences and views as she helps the reader assess perspectives in risk.”

—Connie Lindsey, Executive Vice President, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Diversity and Inclusion, Northern Trust

“Every time a woman chooses security and the safe bet over something new, she is missing the opportunity to achieve greater success and fulfillment in work and in life.  Ready, Set…RISK! is filled with real-life stories that are engaging and inspiring….a very practical guide to developing the confidence and the ability to take calculated risks that lead to great reward.”

— Debbie Storey, Senior Vice President, Talent Development and Chief Diversity Officer, AT&T

This is such a crucial conversation for us to be having. I encourage you to buy the book, read it, act on what you learn from it, build on it for yourself, and move forward with your own Ready, Set…RISK! journey. Join the conversation at #ReadySetRisk on Twitter. Comment on it here. Please give the book a five star review rating on Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites, so as to help push it up in the rankings and increase visibility to the book, the topic and the conversations around it. Bring it to your organizations. I am thrilled that I am already starting to see these things happening as both individuals and organizations reach out to me to engage me in speaking engagements, activities, events, programs and conversations on this topic. There will be a number of other very exciting initiatives related to this that will unfold in the months ahead, and I will certainly keep all of you posted.

Thank you to every single person who has been a part of this journey. It is just the beginning for all of us so that we can all Ready, Set…RISK!