We already know we will have multiple generations in the workplace of the future. The transformation will be both challenging and full of exciting opportunities. On average, one baby boomer is retiring every 8 seconds. Millennials will represent almost 47% of the workforce by 2014 and 75% by 2025. CEO’s and employees have high expectations. The right skills are in short supply and the war for talent is on. Younger people are getting bigger jobs sooner, and they think, learn and behave differently.

When it comes to winning the war for talent, women are the solution. Millions of highly educated women are surging into the labor markets across the world. Research has shown that increasingly these women have phenomenal credentials, high ambitions, and greater company loyalty than their male peers. Yet this critically important talent pool continues to be under-leveraged. These same opportunities and issues apply when considering the broader pool of population groups that need to be addressed through Diversity and Inclusion efforts.

Daniella Levitt provides Consulting services regarding what we should be doing today to adapt the way we recruit, engage, manage and develop our talent for the future. Daniella will work with you to develop and implement fresh and innovative approaches to driving cross-generational collaboration in your organization, and to achieving a workplace culture that is more successful with its Diversity and Inclusion strategies. Consulting services are designed to be all-inclusive, recognizing the critical importance of being more effective at tapping into the rich diversity of your employee and customer base, and being inclusive of all populations that can, do and will continue to make your business thrive.

What People Are Saying

  • “I had the pleasure of working with Daniella for a course on Personal Brand Leadership. From the start, Daniella was a great partner to work with. She listened to the information I gave her about the audience, and was flexible in tailoring the course to fit my needs. I truly appreciated her partnership and thoughtfulness throughout the process. She also has a very approachable and friendly style, that makes people feel very comfortable around her. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Daniella again in the future.”

    Sarah Kaiser
    Senior Program Manager, One of the world’s largest global airlines