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Daniella Levitt’s passion is empowering transformational change. She can’t help but wonder if it had something to do with growing up in South Africa and experiencing the terrible institution of apartheid, as well as the amazing journey of dismantling apartheid. Talk about living through real transformational change. It doesn’t get bigger or more complicated than that.

Her own personal journey has also been one of continued transformation and growth. She moved to the United States on her own when she was 26 years old to establish a new life for herself, where she built a very successful career in corporate America. In 2008 she forged an entrepreneurial path for herself, as a result of which she now has a Consulting company that has been up and running successfully since 2008. In addition she launched a second business in 2013 that is focused on development and advancement of women in the workplace.

Daniella blends her global perspective, large corporate experience, entrepreneurial experience, and unique and innovative subject matter with her energetic and motivational style to create and deliver keynote speeches that are tailored to the needs of your organization. She also runs workshops and facilitates panel discussions.

Daniella will inspire your audience with a program that gets them highly engaged and sets them on a path of taking ownership of how women are moving forward and upward in their organization, holding themselves accountable for their own and other’s career success, and increasing the pace of change regarding women being represented in management and executive ranks.

Daniella’s passion, energy and insightful perspectives also hold strong appeal to multi-gender audiences, making her a great speaker for any organization and audience that is focused on maximizing their potential, achieving their highest goals and aspirations, and exploring new ways in how they collaborate, innovate and achieve outstanding professional and personal outcomes.

Speaking Style

In Daniella’s words…

‘I am very passionate about the subjects I speak about. I get highly energized and I do some very different things. I think I may be the only speaker to make a South African specialty food for over 400 people for one of my sessions, or to wield a long wooden sword during opening addresses and keynote speeches as well as at panel discussions. Everything I speak about and do comes from my heart, with the intent of taking the audience to a place they haven’t been before, so that they can envision themselves doing things they haven’t done before and be able to take action to move towards that vision.

I love to engage my audience in the topic I am speaking about. The opportunity to speak to a group isn’t about me, it’s about them! I strive to share valuable perspectives, insights and knowledge, in a way that they can take ownership of the subject matter and hold themselves accountable for making it their reality. So I always find interesting and creative ways to really engage and involve the audience. I do want to leave them inspired by me, but even more importantly I want to leave them inspired by themselves!’

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What People Are Saying

  • “It was a pleasure working with Daniella. She partnered with us early on to develop material that would compliment our theme. Throughout our work together, Daniella passionately strived to deliver high quality content and meaningful takeaways for our participants.”

    Kimberly P. Thekan
    Director Talent Acquisition and Integration, Baird
  • “From the moment we met Daniella at a chance breakfast meeting, we were inspired by her seemingly limitless enthusiasm and dedication to the advancement of women in the workplace. It was a very easy decision to engage her as a keynote speaker at one of our office’s events supporting our firm’s women’s initiative. Her presentation focused on how to be intentional and “write our own story” as we advance in our careers. The presentation was captivating and we think the underlying messages resonated with participants. We would love to have her back someday!”

    Paula Hamric & Kim Capizzi
    Senior Manager, National SEC Department & Manager, Tax Services, BDO
  • "Daniella Levitt was a panelist at the second annual Symposium for AWESOME (Achieving Women's Excellence in Supply Chain Operations, Management, and Education), a women's leadership initiative I launched in 2013. Daniella was an engaging, dynamic speaker in the session, "Powering Up the Pipeline," during which companies who are leading the way in developing the next generation of leaders presented their innovative programs and discussed what they've learned and achieved. In post-Symposium feedback, one participant called out Daniella's gen-xyb High Tea concept as the program for developing women leaders she thought most effective and said she would like to implement gen-xyb High Tea at her own company."

    Ann Drake
    CEO, DSC Logistics and Founder, AWESOME