Trick or Treat

Like many of you here in the States, my husband and I are still finishing off our Halloween candy. Last week, every time I nibbled on a piece, the words ‘Trick or Treat’ kept popping into my head, along with images of what had transpired in October 2014 as far as tricks or treats were concerned regarding my favorite topics of advancement of women in the workplace, women and cross-generational collaboration and women and risk-taking. I figured my head needed to listen to my stomach in this case, so decided to make this the subject of this post.

In the ‘Trick’ category:

  • Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, suggested that women in technology should not ask for raises but instead just have faith in the system, that it will all work out for them just fine if they just work hard and trust in the system. Nadella had commented that women who don’t ask for raises generate ‘good karma’. Really! A key factor in risk-taking is being willing to ask for what you want. Being willing and able to ask for a raise is just one example of that. If we hold back on asking for raises, what else are we not going to risk asking for? That next promotion, that special high profile assignment, that as yet-undefined role that people have been saying is going to be a high profile opportunity. Don’t let Satya Nadella or anyone else trick you into not asking for a raise ladies!
  • It’s still tough times for women in technology – on multiple fronts. An analysis by Executive recruiter Liftstream Inc. highlights gender disparity in the boardrooms of biotechnology firms. Here’s a link to a short article referencing the study. A new global report released by Catalyst reveals new layers of inequality for women in business roles in STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) industries starting with where women are entering the companies relative to men. The report hones in on tech-intensive industries. Here is a link to an article that highlights some of the findings in the Catalyst report. There is a still a lot of work that needs to be done here folks to remediate these issues.

In the ‘Treat’ category October was a great month for me personally on many fronts, so I’m going to share the good news.

  • October 8th Chicago SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) hosted their annual one-day conference. I was delighted to present a keynote on the subject of creating a culture of calculated risk-taking in your organization. The presentation was very well-received. If you have interest in discussion on this topic please feel free to reach out to me.
  • It’s been almost a year since I applied to officially trademark gen-xyb™. This is a brand I am building around the concept of cross-generational collaboration in the workplace. I am thrilled to share that in October I finally received the official certificate of trademark for gen-xyb™.
  • Last but certainly not least, October 20th was the day I started to write the manuscript for my book ‘Ready, Set…RISK!’, a book that focuses in on the subject of women and risk-taking. Having interviewed over thirty business executives and professionals for the book, the time had come to dive in. Writing progress has been very good, and I look forward to sharing updates on progress with you over the next few months.

Those were my October 2014 ‘tricks and treats’. What were yours?